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tv   WRA Ls 1230 Report  NBC  January 21, 2016 12:30pm-1:00pm EST

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you can see some snow back across parts of the midwest. rain up the lower mississippi valley and into the deep south. that will be spreading across our area over the next 24 hours. so this begins before daylight tomorrow. two to 4 inches of snow and sleet here. up to 1/4 inch of ice with the potential for that and more than that. slick roads, power outages. we'll see the winds picking up on saturday so all the ice accumulation as those trees move. we may see even more power outages on saturday. along and east of the i-95 corridor, we do have a winter weather advisory. we stillville with some snow and sleet -- we still will have some snow and sleet. coming up we'll talk about the difference between the sleet
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crews are not going to take any chances in the sand hills. >> gilbert joins us now. >> reporter: it is hard to believe we are talking about any weather preps. it is really nice. don't have my gloves on or my big hat on or anything. i need my golf clubs. the plows or the trucks and everyone here is ready for the weather to go downhill. here at the salt dome on highway 24, crews have been busy for the past couple of days. just as quickly as they fill 3,000 gallons of brine into spray trucks, they make more to fill these 5,000-gallon tanks on the yard. >> so i've got 20,000-gallon capacity. tuesday, we put down 30,400. we probably placed about 60,000 gallons of brine on the roads
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>> reporter: bill hammond is the cumberland county maintenance engineer. he says there is plenty of salt inside the dome and he says he has 19 trucks ready to go and crews ready to operate on 12 hour shifts from now until sunday. >> so our concern is going to be bridges and overpasses. we'll put sand, salt on those tonight. monitor them and try to hit them again right before rush hour, maybe about 4:00 in the morning. >> reporter: across town at the iga, folks aren't panicking yet but they are stocking occupy food supplies. they've hit the bread shelves pretty good. angela wright is one of them. >> i'm getting bread, biscuits, butter, some rice and some canned goods. and some meat also. that's it and water. >> reporter: and water. all the ingredients you need to make french toast tomorrow.
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and during the last ice event we had here, they didn't have any power outages because trees and limbs fell down because of the ice. instead, they sawed drivers did not heed the warnings that came out on the roads and slammed into utility poles and that part brought the poles down and brute the lines down. heed the warnings. i hope you get a chance to play a little. i hear you are a pretty good golfer. as cold temperatures stretch on through the week, triangle plumbers are getting very busy. alan price with pool's pluming in raleigh says he has teen quite a few frozen pipe this is week. he says the pipes could freeze quickly if they are in the shade. the advice from price, leave one faucet dripping steadily overnight to keep the water in
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now is a good time to make sure your smart phone is up to date. the weather app is available in the itunes store and the going plail store. an 18-year-old charged in connection with a shooting near st. augustine's university in raleigh will be in court today. this is an update to breaking news we had first yesterday morning on wral. police tell us omari williams shot 20-year-old demarion henderson. henderson is expected to be okay. the shooting trig aired campuswide lockdown that was lifted hours later. williams is charged with assault way deadly weapon with intent to kill. two people indicted in the tragic death of a toddler have court appearances today. they are charged with shooting
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the shots were fired from a moving car. how we now like to hear that the oil prices are up, right? that is because it is helping to have a good impact on wall street today. let's check the numbers right now. the dow up 243 points. the nasdaq up 57. and the s&p 500 up 26. >> love that. for complete market and business news, go to and click on business. we all know that we need to take extra precautions to prevent i. d. theft. there is one way hack tears get their hands on your information
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-- hackers we know hackers credit our bark accounts and -- target our bank accounts and credit cards. we have ways to keep our connections safe. >> reporter: we are a smart tech society with nearly everything connected to wi-fi. tv, computer, phones, toys, baby monitors. there are more internet connected devices than there are people in the world. >> if you don't have a secure connection, you got a problem. >> usf fiber security director says home wi-fi security is offer overlook bid consumers,
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>> never really occurred to me. should i be worried. >> they can hack into the router and read what is going out. >> research finds half of home internet routers recently put to the test put your perm information at risk. >> changing your router password doesn't require a lot of time. most providers have an app can you log in, click wi-fi settings and change both your user name and password. experts say just make sure it is not one that is easy to guess. >> if you use some good password, not 123456. >> they provide with you a password so i never really thought to change that.
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>> i change my password pretty often. you don't want somebody else accessing your personal information. >> experts say don't use a default network name. it makes it easier for the hackers to access and old routers need to be updated or replaced. wake county shoppers could soon have two new alternatives when it comes to grocery stores and here to talk with us about what is in store, faith prosser our short shopper and wegmam's. >> the feedback, they are in lease negotiations to come to a site in cary right near cary town center and the feedback on the short shopper blog where i posted this on friday has been incredible. these are very large stores. they have a lot of stuff but they have a lot of really nice things like really good prepared food section and just tons of different options. apparently, their customer
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they have been ranked introduction one by consumer reports eastently for grocery stores in the united states and employee satisfaction is huge as well. so we're pretty excited to have this grocery store coming to the triangle. they are family owned. they have approximately 88 stores up and down the east coast. this will be their first north carolina store. they are hoping to have the lease signed sometime in early 2016. at that point, i guess they start building. we want to let people know they have a chance to find out how to become a smart shopper themselves. >> yes, they do. we have a class coming up. thankfully, not this saturday with the bad weather coming but it will be the next saturday on january 30th. the class runs from 10:00 until 1:00 and basically, we are going to teach you everything you need to know to cut your grocery bills in half. you can register on the blog at and click on smart shopper. people will leave with one of those notebooks. >> it is also a food drive for the food bank of central eastern north carolina.
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>> thank you. moarentsndler dren in puffy totes drops. but thcan be aerious lem thcar seats. after the break, 5 on your side, monica has a warning for everyone with young children. >> thrust, it is the case of art imitating life. some people in the midwest say it is so cold they are feeing their pants off this winter.
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we'll tell you wha who would have thought that coats and car seats to creek may dangerous combination. it is a serious concern, one that most of the us won't even cross our minds. when the weather is cold, you bundle up your kids, it becomes in. whr it your ds, dkids or nieces ews, wt them warmbut u so wathem sa. y coatkeep themto yonsumerorts scoed witseat. they can makeloose to protect ur child in a crash. ve-month-old ben helped demonstrate. in thsnow and securem thwas nosl t put him back seat see how loose the schaps were.
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testers say, in the t of a crash,textra shion a coat compress and allow your child to flop around. soeally, the snow suit ad thisextra room. in the ent of a ontal crash, all of thisextra romeans that there o much ide up head beoutside protecis heshelich could mean he d havehead jury. reporn use the same test fobiggkids. when properly hases, you shouot able to p ic andthchest clip ouldbe it onkeep yone warm, cure bs thiseir send thet a blanketoofhit anrunnes for e , teach them this cool trick, wearing coat over the harness. they will be snugly and safe. >> consumer reports says the
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the wenting between your chum and fore -- your thumb and fore finger, the coat is too bulky to be worn. >> i remember this. it was always an issue. how do you get it in there, how do you get it tight enough? >> yeah, something else to worry about. >> exactly. always something. now, have you to worry about this winter storm that is coming our way. to the today. i mean you look outside at the airport, you would never even know. one of the nice things that the airline have done, you probably heard us talk about this this morning or at noon, a lot of the airlines are allowing to you change your flight plans for the weekend with no penalty which is brilliant because it will get all stacked up back here with flight delays as much snow as we are expecting up into virginia and d.c. and west virginia and up into the northeast. it won't be as bad for us. it is 36 in boone and 40 degrees in asheville. in the mountains of north carolina, we are talking about more than a foot of snow. you may think oh, boy, it will snow.
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you may have a hard time getting there. have you to get through greensboro which is likely to have as much as 4 to 8 inches of snow and up in the mountains, it will be even more than that. i know the ski resorts would love to have you but it may be a struggle to get there. 40degrees at hatteras. all along the coast, this may begin briefly as a wintry mix but it will change over to rain and be up to 2 inches of rain for eastern north carolina and the coast. here it comes. the system getting cranked up back here across the lower mississippi valley, the low pressure system really producing a lot of precipitation, some storms, some severe weather with this. we won't see any of that, of course. here is the set-up for us. we have the cold air that comes back into north carolina after a warmer air today. all the moisture down here in the gulf of mexico moving in on top of that and you get wintry precipitation. if you have enough cold air. i'm going to show you how that looks through the atmosphere in just a second. let's tuck about the totals
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for snow and sleet combined for this system pry into saturday, this swath from roanoke rapids new raleigand back into the sand hills, 1 to 3 inches. -- friday into saturday. our ice potential, we are looking at that critical point of 1/4 inch. we have a good chance of that around the triangle area and up towards roanoke rapids. we get to sanford and westward. we may end up closer to 1/2 inch of ice. critical. that is where we'll have a better chance for some accumulating ice and power outages. it is possible that could shift northward and we could have a bigger area of problems with power outages from raleigh westward. that is something that we'll know as the system really gets kicked off. i would encourage you to tune in. greg will be on fox 50 at 4:00
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he will have the latest on what is going on. so what is the difference between sleet and freezing rain. what happens is we have the cold air at the surface. that comes in tonight. and then the warm moist air comes in in the mid levels of the atmosphere. so the snow actually falls through the cloud, hits the warm air and melts and then hits the colder air and freezes into an ice pellet and that is what we consider sleet. as the atmosphere warms up, the rain doesn't have time to freeze before it hits the ground so it melts in this what we call warm nose. you see how it looks like a warm nose. that warm nose sticks out. the rain falls through it and then it freezes on the surface. eventually, you get all rain out of it if it is warm to the surface. if you have no warm nose at all. a small warm nose means sleet actually bigger warm nose means freezing rain. 43 and nice and quiet today. our wintry precipitation begins before sunrise tomorrow with
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and rain. we may see that wrapping back around as some snow on saturday but right now, it does not look like we would see a lot of saturday. i do encourage to you tune in to greg this evening. latest. >> thank you. i've always loved the name bartholomew. >> and that is the name of our curious kitty in the studio
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